School Dances

With our unique formula of crowd involvement, high energy shows, the best new music, and dazzling sound and light displays, TKO has become the premier Disc Jockey company.

When you have TKO perform at your dances, you get more than a DJ who just plays music — you get entertainers who will get your group excited and dancing! The DJs we send out to your school are not typical DJs who perform mainly at weddings, but younger, energetic DJs who understand today’s music. We always send out two disc jockeys to your event, to give the extra energy that makes your dance a success!

As a student, you want the music to be new, hip and fun. As a faculty member or parent, you want the music to be fun, but tasteful and respectful. The music that TKO will play at your school dance will be appropriate, fun music from today’s top 40 charts. We carry only radio edit version of songs, but also go one step further in making sure the music is appropriate for the age groups at your dance. This is why schools all over the St. Louis Metro area, both private and public, have trusted TKO at their dances for over 25 years!

The Best Sound:

We use only the highest quality professional sound equipment, for a fantastic sound that you can really feel. TKO does not use small speakers on stands, but towering seven foot tall speaker stacks. Our powerful four speaker sound system with subwoofers provides you with smooth and clear vocals and plenty of bass. Even with your largest turnouts, the music will be loud enough, and will sound great! However, you always have complete control of the volume. The music will be loud enough for everyone dancing, but still comfortable for others.

The Best Lights:

At TKO DJs, we always include a knockout light show at no additional charge. It features colored lights that pulsate to the beat of the music, filling the dance floor with light. We also include several special effect lights, such as strobe lights, and sweeping spot lights. The combined effect of these lights are incredible! (Note: extra lights may be added)

Music Video Shows:

The TKO Music Video Show adds an exciting new dimension to your dance, with the best new DVD videos and the video classics. Your dance is transformed into a Club-MTV style bash! You can choose from one or two huge video screens. Your group can dance to their favorite songs while watching their favorite videos, for a unique, total audio-visual experience!

Also, make Prom extra special by playing your school video yearbook during the dance. You can even end it with an advertisement for purchasing the video to boost your sales!

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