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TKO DJs – Much More Than Just The Music… We’re People Who Know People!!

Posted in Uncategorized on September 21, 2011 by tkodjs

TKO has been providing quality DJ entertainment for high schools, colleges, private parties and corporate events since 1984. It goes without saying that, in that twenty seven years we have worked at countless venues in and around theSt. Louis area. In fact, a significant percentage of our business comes solely from client and venue/vendor referrals.


When a company like TKO establishes a solid reputation for itself in the area by providing a superior service on such a consistent basis it has the privilege of becoming part of a small network of entertainment companies that come highly recommended by wedding bloggers, magazines, event planners, hall managers, and photographers alike.

This creates a huge advantage for all parties involved! For the bride and groom who may not know where to start when looking for an entertainment provider for their wedding or event – they now have an advantage of basing their decision of entertainer on the word of professional event planners or hall managers, or photographers who have had the opportunity to work with us on multiple occasions throughout the years.

For the hall or vendor extending the referral to TKO, the advantage is being having the ability to do so without hesitation, knowing from experience that we deliver on our promise of quality entertainment. They know that we will not make them regret their decision to refer our service to their clients.

For TKO, the advantage is now being able to reassure our newly referred clients that they have made the best decision they could have made in regard to their entertainment by taking the advice of a trusted vendor. The client, the referring vendor, and TKO all work together toward a common goal, which is to create a successful event for the client, which in turn can create more business for the vendor doing the referral, and the company receiving the business as a result of that referral. Everybody wins!!

So in short keep in mind next time you are planning a party – before doing a blind internet search for entertainment providers, take a few minutes to place a quick call to the hall manager at the venue your event will be held at, or reach out to photographers in the area and ask them about DJ companies that have made a positive impression on them over the years.


In most cases, you will find that you can’t go wrong with the advice of a seasoned professional. The same goes for any vendor in the industry. You can always feel free to call TKO to get our input on photographers and event locations in the area. We may be able to offer suggestions and raise attention to things that clients otherwise wouldn’t have thought of in advance such as room layouts, power issues, whether or not certain places have any restrictions set upon the DJ, etc. We are always here to help!!